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March 31, 2021

French monks praying for buyers for 2.8 tonnes of cheese from their monastery

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The Covid lockdown had a major impact on small/medium scale business worldwide though it was absolutely required. It still caused a lot of economic hardship for people and there is a French monastery located south of Dijon in Paris that has a major problem. Due to Covid they were unable to sell their cheese production to restaurants and visitors so they are stuck with over 2.8 tonnes of cheese that they need to sell immediately before it spoils.

“We tried explaining to our 75 cows that they needed to produce less milk but they don’t seem to have understood,” said brother Jean-Claude, in charge of marketing at the monastery, which was founded in 1098.

They are now working with Divine Box, a french startup to allow people to buy the cheese online. Unfortunately they don’t seem to ship internationally else I would have loved to place an order. Maybe during my next visit to France I will visit the monastery and purchase the cheese directly.

Source: French monks locked down with 2.8 tonnes of cheese pray for buyers

– Suramya

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