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October 1, 2020

Windows XP and Server 2003 successfully compiled from leaked source code

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Last week in a major leak the source code for Windows XP & Windows Server 2003 was leaked on the Internet via the 4chan website. Post which it propagated like wildfire across the internet via torrents & mirrors. There were some doubts cast about the authenticity of the leak but knowledgeable folks who reviewed the code claimed that the leak looked authentic.

Now a developer who goes by the name NTDEV successfully compiled Windows XP from the leaked source code. Unfortunately it looks like the XP source code is missing some important files due to which they were unable to compile critical files such as Winlogon.exe. Which makes it impossible to install the compiled Windows XP to try it out. Fortunately they had better luck with the Windows Server 2003 source code and were able to install the compiled copy on a VM successfully.

NTDEV posted a 22 min video showcasing their journey and you can check it out here if you are interested. Their Twitter feed has more information and screenshots of their process & proof.

You can probably expect a lot more information & details on the source to be published over the next few weeks as people go over the code and then start publishing their findings.

– Suramya

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