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March 12, 2012

Voice Recognition on Samsung Galaxy Nexus using Swype

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I like the voice recognition built into Swype keyboard a lot and have been using it quite often to type out SMS’s etc when I have net access and am feeling lazy (The service requires net access to work). For the most part the recognition works quite well and it looks like it learns the more you use it. So I decided to stress test it by using it to type out a complete blog post… Unfortunately that didn’t work out that well. The first para came out ok, but for the next few para’s it got 90% of the stuff wrong instead of the other way which was what I was expecting. I finally gave up typing the blog on the phone because it was taking too long.

It would have been cool if it worked the way I expected so that I could make notes/reminders for myself while driving which is when I get a lot my my project ideas. At present if I use this to make notes then I would spend the next 10 hours trying to figure out what the hell I was thinking about, so I think that for now I will stick to trying to remember stuff and then transcribing it at red lights and traffic jams.

But for just typing SMS’s it works great and is a lot faster than trying to type stuff out.

Final verdict? Cool implementation but requires a lot more work before it can be used as a keyboard replacement.

– Suramya

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