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March 2, 2012

Thoughts/Feedback on my Galaxy Nexus after about a month of use

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As I mentioned earlier I purchased the Galaxy Nexus in Jan end and really like it so far. However there are some parts of it that are annoying and I just wanted to list them out for anyone who is thinking about buying it:

  • The screen gets scratched really easily. Mine already has two scratches, one from my keys and another from the Rivet near my jeans pocket. On the other hand my GalaxyTab has traveled all over the place and doesn’t have a single scratch (so far) and my Nokia was in use for more than 3 years with barely any scratches
  • The ring volume is really low. The max is lower than what I used to put on my phone for Office use in any of my previous phones. Its to the point that I now keep the phone on the desk in front of me so that if someone calls I can atleast see the screen come on and answer. At times I have missed calls with the phone in my pocket, forget about it being in another room.
  • The Battery gets heated really fast. It touches 35 deg C in about 10 mins of use and I have seen the bat temp go up to 42 deg C.

Now for some of the Pro’s of the phone:

  • Really good battery life. With Wifi, Bluetooth, and listening to music + calls I routinely get about 2 days plus of use on a single charge. Plus it recharges really fast.
  • Screen is very good and bright. Easy to see even outside in the sun
  • Face unlock is very cool and fast
  • The camera is pretty good and takes decent photos in low light as well. The Zero shutter lag is also a big plus.
  • The position lock is very fast and accurate.

Those were the major points I wanted to cover. Over all, do I regret buying the phone? Nope. Love it. Do I recommend others to get the phone? Yeah, I do.

Well, this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

PS: Yes, I know that I haven’t posted about my trip to Renukut for Richa’s wedding. But things have been a bit crazy with the traveling and then catching up at work.

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