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April 24, 2008

Some random thoughts

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Its late and I realized that I haven’t been posting on the site, but don’t feel like typing a complete blog entry so this post is just going to be some random thoughts I have been thinking about:

There’s an application in Linux called ‘kBluelock’ that allows you to setup your computer to monitor a particular bluetooth device and if that device goes out of range it automatically locks your computer. I have it set to watch my phone so whenever I leave the desk it locks my computer automatically as I always carry my phone in my pocket.

Looking to buy a new phone, this one is giving me a lot of issues. Keeps dropping my calls in the middle. Any recomendations? I need something with a good camera and a GPS. It should allow me connect to an email server and the web.

Seriously want to buy an automatic door opener or something. Its a pain to get out of the car to open the main doors so that I can park the car inside.

Giving out free samples increases your sales. Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy. Tor publishing has been emailing free copies of some of their books every 2 weeks and I have already found two authors that I really like and will buy their books in the future. i.e. if the shipping charges don’t bankrupt me first.

Amazon shipping kills you, $5 shipping + $5 per item additional. So a $18 book ends up costing me $28. Not going to buy from them.

Skype is a cool software, getting Skypein to work is a pain for some reason. It even works on linux. Need to figure out how to merge skype chat logs from two computers. Copying everything to one folder doesn’t work

At 4 am the roads are completely empty so its fun to drive

Delhi heat sucks

* Debian Unstable/Testing don’t like my laptop. Stable works great. Need to roll back to Stable. Will end up formatting again. Will do it over the weekend. Don’t want to end up without a laptop during the week if something goes wrong. (Will post a complete list of issues later)

* My post on setting up the wireless card ended up on Debian-news site. 🙂
* Delhi mosquitoes suck… literally.
* need to organize a get together for school friends
* ebooks are great. esp the no shipping part.

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

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  1. I second the auto gate opener

    Comment by subhi — April 24, 2008 @ 9:14 AM

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