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October 16, 2005

Had a long week

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This past week has been ‘interesting’. Lets see what all I have been through:


Spend over 6 hours sitting at the Kansas City Airport waiting for my flight to NJ to depart. Got ‘randomly’ selected for a special screen by the airport security. Poor guys were confused about the functions of all the cables and wires in my laptop bag. Arrived in NJ at almost 1:30 am. Got home at 2 am. It was raining


Was decent. Spent all day sleeping and relaxing. Fun 🙂 Didn’t go out at all since it was raining all day.


Still raining, had to drive to work, the 45 min drive took over 1 1/2 hours. Not fun. Spent all day at work, wanted to meet friends but since it was still raining had to do a rain check.


Still raining. Had some stuff to take care of at NJIT and the bank so dropped Vinit and Surabhi at work and walked to the office and then toof the subway to the bank. I must have been out in the rain for maybe 10 mins but I was completely soaked. Thankfully all my electronics survived the soaking without damage. Then I was trying to get to work found out that half the roads were flooded, and after waiting in traffic for about 2 hours made a U turn and came back home to work from there… After parking the car when I was walking back to the apartment I got splashed by a truck driving through a huge puddle. 🙁 Not fun.


Still raining. Reached work in an hour. Spent all day testing GUI’s and my application with the new DB. Pretty busy day. Couldn’t go out as it was still raining.


Still raining!!! Reached work in about 1 1/2 hours. Worked all day on testing GUI’s on the new DB. Stayed at work till about 10 pm, got home at 11:30 (Roads were flooded so had to take a lot of detours)

Getting really tired of rain.


Finally its not raining… 🙂 Woke up early to help with load testing our system and spent all day setting it up. The one day it wasn’t raining I was working 🙁


Went to bed at 5 am (was watching movies to de-stress) work up early to help with load testing again. This time it wasn’t that bad got to take some time off to visit Vivek and Ruth in the city, had lunch with them and then had towork from his apartment for a little while. Then came back home to watch the system and see if it worked. Thankfully it did 🙂 So we also did our failover tests and they passed 🙂 🙂

Watched episodes from the series ‘Birds of Prey’, awesome series too bad it was cancelled. Going to work on my website now.

Well this is all for now. Will post later

– Suramya

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