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July 18, 2005

Life is good

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Life is good. The weekend was fun. Read a lot of books. relaxed.

1. Finished Harry Potter 6. Its a good book. Surabhi actally went to the store to buy it at 12:00am. I was too lazy to do so, luckily for me shw wasn’t.

2. Re-read Elvenborn by Mercedes Lackey. Its an awesome book. This lady knows how to write a good story.

Read an interesting article about street photographers somewhere. (Don’t remember where or I would link to it) In it the article basically talked about how it was becoming more difficult for street photographers to take photos of everyday life without getting in trouble. Its illegal to take photos at most highrise places and bridges.

This is really depressing for photographers. I know ’cause I myself like taking a lot of pics and most of them are totally natural pics of people or friends going about with their everyday life. Now its illegal for me to take a photo of a friend doing something stupid so that I can Blackmail them tease them later just because some genius decided that terrorists could take photos can use it to plan an attack. A terrorist is not going to be walking about in broad daylight with a huge camera in their hand openly taking photos of their target. They would use hidden camera’s that are a lot higer resolution than my pathetic 3 pega pixel camera. And this is if they actually decided to take photos from site. A good telephoto lense would give them enough resolution to take the required pics from a long way off.

NEway its not like the stupid bridge has changed a lot in the past 10 years. If someone really wanted to they could goto a library and get a photograph of it from there. All the ban on photography does is makes it inconvenient for tourists and photographers from collecting memories.

On the same note I was in CVS a couple of days ago and was looking at their copying service. And noticed something really funny. Its illegal for me to copy my *own* passport or immigration docs using their service. Now can some one please explain to me what on earth is the logic behind this? I understand the restriction from copying currency but my own docs? Thats just being plain stupid. I would have taken a pic but was scared that I would probably end up getting arrested because I took a picture that puts the national security in such high danger…

If I was going to forge a passport I wouldn’t use a CVS to make a copy, I would go out and buy my own copying machine and do it from the privacy of my house. This is another one of the rules that is *supposed* to make the world safer but all it does it make life more difficult for law abiding people.

Any comments?

– Suramya

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