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January 25, 2005

Trip details Part 3

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As promised, here are the remaining details of my trip. In a very condensed format.

In my last post I told you about my trip to Bangalore where I met Gaurang and Kartik but I forgot to tell you about the trip I made with my family to my Paternal grandparent’s place a couple of days before that. Me, mom, papa and Surabhi all drove to their place for a day and had a great time there. Here’s a family pic taken at that time.

Me, mom and Surabhi also visited my youngest mausi where I also met my cousin sister Rakhi and her daughter along with my cousins Rishab and Ritika. We stayed there for lunch and had a great time. Below is a pic taken there:

Surabhi, Mom, Ritika, Rakhi Didi, Sheetal Mausi, Rishabh

After I got back from my Banglore trip me and mom went to visit my maternal grandparents and my cousin. Mom drove the whole way (4 hours) since we were in a hurry (She had to attend some political meeting) and according to her she could drive better on those roads (I agree) so I slept the whole way. Once we got there mom and babaji (Thats what I call my grandfather) went to the meeting and I stayed at home with Mamiji (Mom’s brother’s wife), Ashok Bhaiya (My cousin), Sarika Bhabhi (His wife) and Shaurya (My nephew). I had a lot of fun with them. Shaurya took me to the fields and there we had guava picked fresh from the trees (I tried a couple of times but got unripe ones each time, guess I am not much of a farmer).

Ashok bhaiya took me to the market and to meet his friends. It was a lot of fun, then we came back and had awesome home made food. Below is a pic of me and shaurya taken when he was having his dinner.

Me and Shaurya

Once we all had dinner Ashok bhaiya and me went to the field and built a campfire and talked for a couple of hours. Then once we started running out of stuff to burn we came back and went to sleep. The next day we had to wakeup early and me and mom left for Delhi. One the way back we stopped for a couple of hours at my 2nd eldest Mama’s place for a couple of hours. We had lunch over there and mamiji made halwa (If you don’t know what this is you have been seriously deprived) for me. Here’s a pic taken over there

Chavi, Me, Badal, Rajkumar Mama, and Shipra

Then after luch we drove back and arrived in Delhi in the evening.

This is a long entry, and I am tired so I will finish it later

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