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December 14, 2004

No I am not dead (Yet…)

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No I am not dead. I know I said that I would post more updates soon but didn’t.

There were two problems preventing me from posting. First: I was sick with a bad cold and a sore throat from hell. The cold made my eyes water a lot which made working on the computer pretty hard. (You can imagine how much I enjoyed that…). When I finally started getting better I found that the server hosting was having problems. This was the same server which has been having problems all this year and this time I think the RAM and HDD both were failing. To make things interesting mysql kept segfaulting on certain queries, perl segfaulted everytime you ran it. apache refused to run for a long time.

So I built a new machine to replace this one. To make things fun, the cpu fan died on the first system I built. Since I had another spare system available I rebuilt the distro on the second one, but guess what the cpu fan on the second one also died. By this time I was pretty mad so I dissected another computer and put the fan from that one in the new one. Then the machine actually worked.

So After making a mirror of on the new server I had to drive to the NY office to replace the old server with the new one. I finally did this about 2 hours ago so as of now is back up completely. I did do some work on the new feedback script so expect to see some changes by the end of the week.

Well this is all for now. Will post more later. Thanks for visiting.

– Suramya

December 6, 2004

My Birthday updates

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First of all a big thanks to everyone who emailed/sms’d/called/IMed me to wish me on the 3rd. I am not ignoring you, I fell sick on the 3rd and am still feeling pretty down 🙁 I will most prob reply to all the emails today, latest by tomorrow.

For my birthday we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner. The food was awesome. We were then supposed to goto a club but since I was sick we decided to postpone that to the next weekend.

I got an Ipod Mini as a birthday gift. Now I can finally get rid of my Rio-600 with its 32 mb of RAM. 32 MB – 4GB, now thats what I call an upgrade. 🙂

Now its time for me to crawl back into bed. More updates later.

– Sur

December 3, 2004

Finally became a full Network admin

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Today I finally graduated as a full fledged Network Administrator: I got to crawl through the opehead tiles and run a cable from the network closet to the office. I spent a wonderfull 2 hours getting dust in my hair, jacket, eyes, clothes etc. But on a more positive note, We finally have a business DSL line in the office. This allows me to access the internet using the DSL while the CNG internet only supports the tunnels to the NY office and csr sites.

The DSL is a lot more stable than the T1, I was getting a sustained download of 500 kbs and wasn’t getting kicked off every few mins from my home system due to dropped packets. We might upgrade it to a 1.5 mbps line and run VOIP lines in to the office… lets see how that works out.

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

December 1, 2004

Cool Search Engines

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Found two really cool search engines today. Each of them caters to a specific kind of search unlike Google which is a generic search engine.
This cool website allows you to search through existing source code that solves many common development problems with our vast index of working source code from a variety of open source projects. In many cases you may find code that solves the exact problem you are working on, and in other cases, you can find an 80% solution – where existing code can be suited to your needs with minor modifications.
Singingfish is the premier audio/video search engine. Unlike traditional search engines, Singingfish only indexes multimedia formats, including Windows Media, Real, QuickTime, and mp3s.

Hope you find these as usefull as I do.

– Suramya

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