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December 5, 2007

Ankush’s wedding

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Yesterday was Ankush’s wedding. Me and Gaurang drove to Subroto Park in the afternoon because I was planning to spend the night there with his parents after the wedding. We got there late in the afternoon and we did a bit of preparations for Gaurang’s wedding before we had to leave. Uncle had invitations to a Photography exhibition made by students of Light and Life Academy (I hope I am remembering the name correctly) as he was an ex-faculty/staff from the Academy. It was held in the Max Muller Bhavan in Delhi and the German Ambassador was the guest of honor. The photos these people took were amazing. I can only hope that my photos will someday come out as good. I did learn a few tricks I want to try sometime.

After that we headed to Ankush & Megha’s wedding. It was in the Air Force Auditorium in Subroto Park. It was a nice affair and the arrangements were great. A lot of our classmates made it to the wedding so I got to meet a lot of old friends. We were there till almost 12:30 am after which we headed back and crashed. Then Gaurang’s cousin Siddharth arrived at 1:30 am and we decided to continue the party. We were up till almost 4 am. It was great fun. Got some great blackmail photos. 😉

Well this is all for now. Need to get some sleep ’cause I will be back tomorrow to Subroto park for Gaurang’s wedding. (Actually make that today…)

– Suramya

December 3, 2007

My Birthday

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It was my Birthday on the 3rd and I celebrated it with friends. Gaurang was staying over with me since the 1st so we both started the day (12 am) by watching Stargate Atlantis. Got a lot of calls from friends/relatives so didn’t get a lot of sleep. (Actually I didn’t get a lot of continuous sleep. ’cause I did end up sleeping till ~3 pm). We both then had lunch at 4 pm and we headed out to Gurgoan. We had decided to celebrate it over there because most of my friends are located there, and those who weren’t were attending Ankush’s engagement which was also on the same day.

We had decided to get dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s so we both got there ~6:30 pm and met up with Kangan who had been waiting for us to show up. Then Tarini and Kunal joined us. The dinner was a lot of fun. We were the loudest table in the place and we had a ball. The food was good and the company was better.

Group photo at my Birthday

Tarini had made a set of cushion covers for me for my birthday and they looked great. Gaurang got me some great chocolates which I haven’t tried yet. (They are on the to do list 😉 )

Tarini and Me posing with her gift

We then cut the cake after talking for a long time, and then we had to call it a day because it was a weekday and everyone had to goto work the next day. Plus it was a long drive back for me and Gaurang.

It was a fun birthday and I had a blast.

– Suramya

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