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May 11, 2005

Tools to display Folder Permissions in Windows

Filed under: Security Tools,Tech Related — Suramya @ 3:19 AM

Tools that will display group and user permissions on a set of folder:






– Suramya

May 10, 2005

CSS Cheat Sheet

Filed under: Tutorials — Suramya @ 12:41 AM has shared this really neat CSS cheat sheet shown below.

Thanks for shaing guys -)

CSS Cheat Sheet:

– Suramya

May 9, 2005

Debian Sysadmin Resources

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This is a great site with a lot of resources and tips for the Debian System Administrator. Check it out Here

– Suramya

May 8, 2005

Monitor Per protocol/port bandwidth usage

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These programs will generate a per protocol/port bandwidth usage information on a given server:


– Suramya

May 7, 2005

How to log shell sessions?

Filed under: Security Tools,Tech Related — Suramya @ 4:11 AM

Use a program called script, it makes a typescript of terminal session, meaning it logs everything printed on your terminal. Use `man script` to get more information about it.

– Suramya

How to see which programs are opening ports

Filed under: Computer Security,Security Tools,Tech Related — Suramya @ 4:02 AM

These tools will help you identify which programs are opening what ports on the system.

1. lsof | grep ‘IPv.’

lsof shows the list of open files, piping it through grep and searching for IPv will give you a list of ports used by a program

lsof -i TCP:<PORT>

where PORT is the one you need to know about the program behind it.

2. netstat -anp

Should display open ports, machines connected to the ports as well as which application has that port open.

If you know of any other ways let me know.

– Suramya

How to find suid files on a linux system

Filed under: Tutorials — Suramya @ 3:53 AM

The following commands will list all suid files on a linux system:

Method 1:

find / -perm +ugo=s

Method 2:

find / -perm +4000

Method 3:

/usr/bin/find / -type f \( -perm -004000 -o -perm -002000 \) -exec ls -lg {} \; 2>/dev/null >suidfiles.txt

– Suramya

May 5, 2005

Remove Backgrounds from images using GIMP

Filed under: Computer Software,Tech Related,Tutorials — Suramya @ 7:04 PM

Newsforge has a good article that explains how to remove the background from an image using GIMP.

Article: Remove Background from images

The Coroner Toolkit

Linux Magazine has a really good article on The Coroner Tool kit which allows a sysadmin to perform forensics analysis on a compromized system.

Article: Linux Magazine
The Coroner Toolkit: Download Page

– Suramya

How to use Netcat

Filed under: Computer Software,Tech Related,Tutorials — Suramya @ 5:19 AM

Often referred to as the ‘Swiss Army Knife of networking,’ netcat is a tool that administrators can use to read and write TCP or UDP data across the network. In addition, it’s extremely useful for network debugging and testing. This article by Vincent Danen at covers some of the uses of netcat.

– Suramya

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