About Me

Hi Everyone,

As you should have guessed by the title, this section contains information about myself, the stuff I like, stuff I don't like etc. I will also talk about my hobbies, my work, my friends etc here.

This section is dedicated to all my friends, teachers, co-workers and family who have made me what I am today. Without all your support I wouldn't be here, doing what I am.


A Brief History and Introduction

My Name is Suramya Tomar. I was born on 3rd Dec 1980 in a small Air Force hospital in Hashimara, located in West Bengal India. I grew up all over India as my father was in the Indian Air Force, and had the pleasure of attending 7 schools to complete 12 years of schooling.

I am an accomplished Senior IT professional with a proven track record of over 22 years of work in various startups, Banks (Goldman Sachs, Societe Generale), and Telecom companies in various positions like Developer, System Administrator, DB Administrator, Product Manager, Software Architect. My last role was as the Head of Infrastructure Innovation at Societe Generale where I was responsible for the Innovation strategy and vision in their India & Romania office by seeking new ideas and help facilitate their development from the ideation phase to production.

I have extensive experience in building up teams spread over multiple locations from scratch and managing their deliverables along with building their expertise to create local autonomy for teams as much as possible.

I am a certified Cyber Security professional with a bachelor’s in cyber security from EC Council University, US and have multiple certifications in the field. I have been a Keynote speaker at IEEE conference, panelist at multiple conferences and my articles have been published in leading computer magazines.

My Family

I am happy married to Jani Jermans who has proven to be the best partner a person can want. Even though we are polar opposits in most things we are compatible where it counts. As an example of us being polar opposits, I prefer cold weather she likes the heat. She is a non-vegetarian and I am a vegetarian etc etc. Jani is running her own company SJ Mobilita since 2018 and works with companies across the globe on their Global Immigration, Staffing and Recruitment needs. Please visit the company website for more details about the offerings and services provided by SJ Mobilita.

My parents are settled in Delhi, while my Sister stays in Bangalore (for the most part) with her husband and kids. I could write pages about how smart my neice and nephew are but I am going to restrain myself.

My Hobbies

As for my Hobbies, I am an avid reader (mostly fiction). I have a personal goal of reading 365 books in a year consistantly, but usually average about 310 books a year due to other commitments and hobbies. I started reading books at a very early age and read my first novel(Jungle Adventures) when I was in the 4th Grade and never stopped. I wanted to get an idea of how many books I have read so I started tracking every book I read (excluding the ones for work/tech) from Nov 2007 and as of date (16th June 2022) I have read 3020 books.

My favorite genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy but I also like reading Adventure, Mystery books and thrillers. Once in a while I post reviews of books that I especially liked or disliked and you can check them out here. I do mean to post more reviews but life has other ideas.

Other than reading I love adventure sports and travel. I am a certified Scuba Diver & have a Mountaineering certification, in addition I have also been rafting, flying, rock climbing, Sking, Sky diving & mountain biking and I am always on the look out for new and interesting things to try. I love to travel and have a goal of traveling to every country in the world. I have already covered all 7 continents including Antarctica so am hopeful that I will manage to achieve this goal.

I do write about my travel experiences over on my blog and you should check it out if you are interested in learning more about the places I have visited both in India and outside.

My Friends

"In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends."
- John Churton Collins

"Think where man's glory most begins and ends And say my glory was I had such friends."
- Yeats

In the previous iterations of the website, I had a list of my friends posted here and quick thoughts about each of them. Unfortunately this list is almost impossible to keep current and so I have decided to remove it from the section.

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