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Technology is now a part of our everyday life. Even if we don't like it we can't avoid it. So it is better to have some knowledge of the things that surround us than to have no clue of what surrounds us. This section attempts to keep the visitor informed about the latest happenings in the technological front like Artificial Intelligence, quantum computing, Parallel computers, Biotechnology, Holography and DNA computing.

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This section is currently being updated, thats why most of the links are inactive and the sections are incomplete. I am updating it as fast as I can but with work and college it hasn't been getting the attention it needs. Sorry for the inconvinience.

With that said I hope that you find this section useful.

- Suramya
   12th May 2003

Technical Section: Articles

I have sub-divided this section into individual articles. Below is a list of all the articles currently available and a brief description of each.

Title Description
About Artificial Intelligence This section is an attempt to explain the concept of Artificial Intelligence.
Bio computers Learn about computers made from living cells
DNA Computers Learn how DNA can be used to perform calculations.
Holography Learn about the science of projecting 3D images
Linux Related Learn about the wonderfull world of Linux, read tips, advice and more to get the most out of your computer in this section.
Optical Computers Learn about computers that use light to perform calculations
Quantum Computers Learn about computers that use quantum nature of matter to perform calculations
Usability Vs Security Are usability and security two opposite directions in computer systems? Read my view on this topic.

Linux Tips

As I have mentioned earlier, I am an avid user of linux and this means that I am constantly trying out new idea's and keep experimenting on making my life in Linux a lot easier and smooth. So I have started keeping a running log of my experiences with Linux and here I log things that make life a bit easier when using Linux.

Access the Linux Tips section here.

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