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About This Month's Authors

Larry Ayers

Larry lives on a small farm in northern Missouri, where he is currently engaged in building a timber-frame house for his family. He operates a portable band-saw mill, does general woodworking, plays the fiddle and searches for rare prairie plants, as well as growing shiitake mushrooms. He is also struggling with configuring a Usenet news server for his local ISP.

R. J. Celestino

Bob Celestino holds an undergradutate degree in Mechanical Engineering and advanced degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has been a Linux devotee for more than four years. When not recompiling his kernel or pushing Java to its limits, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids. He pays the bills by posing as a software engineer at Harris Corp. in sunny Florida.

Jim Dennis

Jim is the proprietor of Starshine Technical Services. His professional experience includes work in the technical support, quality assurance, and information services (MIS) departments of software companies like Quarterdeck, Symantec/ Peter Norton Group, and McAfee Associates -- as well as positions (field service rep) with smaller VAR's. He's been using Linux since version 0.99p10 and is an active participant on an ever-changing list of mailing lists and newsgroups. He's just started collaborating on the 2nd Edition for a book on Unix systems administration. Jim is an avid science fiction fan -- and was married at the World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim.

Chris Gonnerman

Chris lives and works in the small northeast Missouri town of LaBelle, running New Century Computers. His wife, Tracy, works with him in his business, and he also employs two full time technicians.

Jon "maddog" Hall

Jon ``maddog'' Hall is Senior Leader of Digital UNIX Base Product Marketing, Digital Equipment Corporation. He is President of Linux International.

Michael Hamilton

Michael has been working as a freelance Unix C/C++ developer since 1989. More recently he's been working on web applications and Unix server administration. Michael tripped over one of Linus's postings back at the beginning of 1992 and has been hooked ever since.

Glen Journeay

Glen is a mechanical engineer with a background in automated test and real-time control using a variety of computer systems. He's designed, built and maintained automated test systems for Boeing and the U.S. Navy, since graduating from University of California, Davis in 1983. Glen, his wife and two children live in Poulsbo where they like to ski, hike, sail, and ride. He's been using a Linux-based home network since 1996.

Mike List

Mike is a father of four teenagers, musician, and recently reformed technophobe, who has been into computers since April,1996, and Linux since July, 1997.

Mark Nielsen

Mark is a Systems Specialist at The Ohio State University managing a linux users group. His main goal is to try and help the downfall of the evil empire or to help split the evil empire into a company with the operating system and a company with the applications. He loves Perl, Apache, Linux, and PostgreSQL as free and open software for the people by the people to counteract the meaningless purchase of terrible software based on ignorance. With knowledge comes power. Spread the word.

Cesare Pizzi

Cesare started to play with computers when he was 10 years old; his first box was a Commodore VIC20. During the years he changed several systems, and a couple of years ago met Linux. After the first impact, he started to develop software, little kernel patches, and so on. In the real life, he works in a support team in HP as a contractor. He likes music, movies, travels and red wines.

Bob van der Poel

Bob started using computers in 1982 when he purchased a Radio Shack Color Computer complete with 32K of memory and a cassette tape recorder for storing programs and data. He has written many programs, and marketed many for the OS9 operating system. He lives with his wife, two cats and Tora (the wonder dog) on a small acreage in S.E. British Columbia, Canada. You can reach him via email: If he's not too busy gardening, practicing sax or just having fun he'll probably send a prompt reply.

Eric S. Raymond

Eric is a semi-regular contributor to Linux Journal. You can find more of his writings, including his paper ``The Cathedral and the Bazaar'', at

Guido van Rossum

Guido is the father of the Python programming language and a leader in the Open Source community.

Jim Schweizer

Jim is currently a Consultant in web site administration and design. He is the author of an on-line textbook about Computer and Internet use and is an Instructor of English at several universities in Western Japan. His main hobby is being the Webmaster for the Tokyo Linux Users Group.

Martin Vermeer

Martin is a European citizen born in The Netherlands in 1953 and living with his wife in Helsinki, Finland, since 1981, where he is employed as a research professor at the Finnish Geodetic Institute. His first UNIX experience was in 1984 with OS-9, running on a Dragon MC6809E home computer (64k memory, 720k disk!). He is a relative newcomer to Linux, installing RH4.0 February 1997 on his home PC and, encouraged, only a week later on his job PC. Now he runs 5.0 at home, job soon to follow. Special Linux interests: LyX, Pascal (p2c), tcl/tk.

Not Linux

Thanks to all our authors, not just the ones above, but also those who wrote giving us their tips and tricks and making suggestions. Thanks also to our new mirror sites.

I've been slightly ill the past week, and as a result, I have been more than slightly grumpy. My fellow employees are avoiding me like the plague, and I don't blame them. Illness should be declared illegal, so this sort of alienation doesn't go on. :-)

I went to see Titanic for the second time--this time with my husband Riley. We saw it at the local Cinerama--that big curved screen is just awesome for "larger than life" films such as this one. It was fun seeing the February cover of Linux Journal sail by.

I'm planning to set up a page for translations of LG into languages other than English. If you have such a site or know of one, please let me know.

Have fun!

Marjorie L. Richardson
Editor, Linux Gazette,

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