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(?) Exceed (MS Windows X Server) and Linux

From Sam.Young on Tue, 18 Jan 2000


I came across an article regarding Exceed and Linux authored by you and I wanted to drop you a line.

I have Exceed V6.1 on a Win98 PC and a Linux V6.0 server. I'd like to use exceed on the Win98 PC to do a X-windows emulation to the Linux server.

Can you point me in the right direction for some configuration instructions? What do I have to 'start' on the Linux server? What 'start up method' should I use in Exceed? What command do I need to pass from the Exceed client to Linux to work properly?

Thanks. Sam

(!) The most I would have done is made a passing reference to Exceed. I've never installed or configured it myself, though I've used it occasionally.
Linux can support all of the common Unix X protocols. So you can run xdm (X display manager) under Linux and Exceed should offer options to broadcast or query for "managed displays" (which should find any Linux box running xdm). This networking function of xdm is really more core to its operation than the simple GUI login that most Linux users think of when they talk about xdm.
It's also possible to configure your Linux system to allow rsh/rlogin (or telnet, ssh, etc) and the only commands you should have to run on it in order to allow it to open windows on your X server (Exceed) is: export DISPLAY=$YOUR_EXCEED_WINDOWS_IP_or_DNSNAME:0 (don't forget the colon zero at the end of that).
That's all there should be to it. Once you've remotely executed that command, and possibly added the Linux box to your "xhost" or access control list then you should be able to use X clients to your heart's content.
Exceed is a commercial package. It should have come with documentation and there should be technical support available. Using Exceed to display your Linux X clients is ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENT then using it with any generic UNIX system. So, if you have any other trouble, get them to deliver the tech support that you've paid for.

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