Sep 17, 2011

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Lifeblog to WordPress (lifeblog2wp)


This is a plugin for WordPress that allowes you to use the Lifeblog program that was included in some Nokia phones (N Series) to post entries to a WordPress blog.

The script was originally created by an Unknown author. The first copy can be found at:

It was then modified by Dameon D. Welch-Abernathy, a.k.a. PhoneBoy to work with Wordpress 2.3 - 2.7. Now I have modified it to work with the latest version of Wordpress (2.8.4). Since there was no versioning of the software I am calling the original script v1, and the changes by PhoneBoy are v2 and v3 respectively. So my version is called v3.5. This should make it easier to figure out which script is which.


Download Link

Download lifeblog2wp Ver 3.5.1 from here

Change Log

Ver 3.5.1: (11th Sep 2009):

  • Fixed the XML error's received when posting to Wordpress from Nokia N97(N97 sends the XML with a <title type="text"> tag for title instead of <title> like the earlier versions)

Ver 3.5: (15th Aug 2009):

  • Plugin is now compatible with Wordpress 2.8.x (Tested upto 2.8.4)
  • Replaced the SQL queries for categories creation/check with WordPress Functions
  • Replaced the SQL queries for user checks with Wordpress functions
  • Added ability to Enable/Disable Debug Logging by changing one variable

Ver 3.0: (12 Mar 2009):

  • Plugin now compatible with WordPress 2.7.1 (may work as far back as WordPress 2.3)
  • Plugin now compatible with Share Online 3.0 from a Nokia E71 or N95 8GB NAM
  • Plugin now compatible with Share Online 4.0 from a Nokia N96 (Confirmed 14 April 2009 by Jaimon)
Known Issues

Posting Videos doesn't work sometimes. The client gets a 500 error message and the server doesn't log anything

Installation Instructions

To install lifeblog2wp follow these instructions:

  • Download and extract the lifeblog2wp_vxxx.tar.gz
  • Copy lifeblog.php and shareonline.php and favicon.svg to the root of your WordPress installation. The files should be at the same level as wp-blog-header.php.
  • If the root directory of your WordPress installation is not writable, then you will need to create a file called atomdata.txt that is writable by the web server process. In many cases this means the file needs to be made world-writable.
  • Ensure that wp-content/uploads directory is writable by the web server process.
  • Edit lifeblog.php. See the comments at the top of lifeblog.php.txt on what will need to be edited.
  • Edit shareonline.php, replace all instances of with your specific blog URL
  • Replace with some unique name (in service_id). You can call it whatever you want as long as it is unique.
  • Access <yourblogurl>/shareonline.php with your web browser on the phone (Share Online 3.0) or configure Lifeblog/Share Online 1.x/2.x. Use the following information as appropriate:

    • Username: admin (or whatever username you use to post)
    • Password: (whatever password you specify in lifeblog.php. This is not your normal WordPress password)
    • Server Address: (Put in your blog url here. eg.

Once you finish the steps above you will be able to make posts from your Nokia Phone.


I would like to thank the following people without whose help this plugin wouldn't exist:

  • Dameon D. Welch-Abernathy, a.k.a. "PhoneBoy" for the step by step instructions and copies of the script
  • The Original unknown author of the plugin. Without his/her work this plugin would have never existed
Updates and corrections

If you use this program make sure you let me know. It will give me a warm fuzzy feeling when I know that someone is using my programs.

If you think that any of the infomation in this section is incorrect or you would like to suggest some changes/updates please and let me know.

- Suramya
  15th Feb 2010