Sep 17, 2011

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This Bash Script creates a collage of the specified height and width out of the images in the directory specified. The resulting collage will be written as a jpg file into the Outputfile specified.

I created the script to allow me to create collages from my photograph collection without having to manually create the collages.

This script is not the same as the CollageGenerator which I have also written. This program doesn't download images from the web but uses existing images in the specified directory to create the collage.

Download Link

Download CreateCollage Ver 1.0 from here

Change Log

Ver 1.0: (25th Nov 2008):

  • Created CreateCollage and successfully used it to create its first collage.
Installation Instructions

Installing the Prerequisites:

In order to use this script you need to have the following Imagemagick installed on your computer. To install ImageMagick on a Debian system issue the following command:

apt-get install imagemagick

For Fedora, Solaris, FreeBSD you can download the Binary releases from the ImageMagick Site. Or you can download and compile from source, the instructions for which are available here.

Installing CreateCollage:

  • Download the latest version of CreateCollage from the Download section above.
  • Extract CreateCollage from the CreateCollage_vx.y.tar.gz where x.y identifies the version no. The current version is 1.0
    tar -zxvf CreateCollage_v1.0.tar.gz
  • Make the script executable using the command:
    chmod a+x

Once you finish the steps above you are ready to make collages. See the Usage section below for usage instructions

Usage Instructions

Usage: <Width> <Height> <Directory> OutputImage.


<Width> is the width of the output image for the collage
<Height> is the height of the output image
<Directory> is the path to the directory that contains the images to be used in the construction of the Collage.
<OutputImage>: The resulting collage will be written as a jpg file into the filename specified.

e.g. 640 480 images/ collage.jpg

will create a 640x480 image called collage.jpg and use the photos in the images directory to create the collage.

Updates and corrections

If you use this program make sure you let me know. It will give me a warm fuzzy feeling when I know that someone is using my programs.

If you think that any of the infomation in this section is incorrect or you would like to suggest some changes/updates please and let me know.

- Suramya
  15th Feb 2010