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(?)Reveal SC400 Sound Card: OSS/Linux and OSS/Free Supported?

From kifox on 13 Jul 1998 in the comp.unix.questions newsgroup

Do you know if the Reveal SC400 rev 4a soundcard is directly supported by Redhat 5.0 and how would I go about setting it up under Linux if it isn't?

I'm not really sure but I think this card was manufactured by Aztech for Reveal if it helps any

(!)Sound drivers is one area that I know less about than X. I've never used them much (under Linux, DOS, or Windows) and I know nothing special about them.
You might try a 2.1.xxx kernel (since there was a quite a bit of work done on those drivers back in the 2.1.70's or 2.1.80's). You could also look at the OSS/Linux (open sound system), which is at:
... this is unusual in the Linux community in that the authors of this commercial (shareware?) package are also the principle authors of the sound drivers that are built into the Linux kernel (called OSS/Free). This oddity has been debated a bit --- but the widely held opinion is that the overall benefits outweigh the concerns.
Anyone who really doesn't like this arrangement is free to derive their own version and enhancements off of the code that has been contributed to the the Linux kernel --- which is why it is still in compliance with the GPL.
The commercial OSS only costs $20 and the authors seem to contribute as much back to the freeware/GPL code as they reasonably can (they have to sign NDA's --- non-disclosure agreements to get the specs for some cards).
Looking at their web site I note that the Reveal SC300 is listed --- which suggests that the SC400 is not currently supported (unless it is also known as the Wave Extreme Pro).
In any event, check out their web site yourself for details.
And, once again, remember, if you want it supported under Linux, you have your choices --- and if you buy it despite the lack of support then you are failing to communicate your prefences back to the hardware vendors in any meaningful way.
I've taken the liberty of copying the support@opensound.com (the OSS support people) on this request so that they can comment on, or clarify anything that I've said.

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