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(?)Linux as an NDS (Netware Directory Services) Printer Client

From Phill Kenoyer on Fri, 03 Jul 1998

I use linux at work, but I can not print to the Netware 4.0 servers. They are using NDS and I have found out that Linux does not have any NDS clients. Is there a way I can print to the netware printers?

I know that MIS is not going to help me because the MIS manager hates unix or something. Linux is like very bad in MIS land.

Phill Kenoyer
MicroProse, Inc.

(!) Linux maybe "very bad" in your MIS jungle -- but out here we are find the IS guys sneaking it in behind them M's backs at just about every turn.

In any event the simple solution for you is to go get a copy of Caldera. Caldera's "OpenLinux" (I forget which release --- Standard and not Base, if I recall correctly, I've copied their sales department) includes a set of Netware bindery and NDS clients that allow you to connect your Linux client for file and print services.

This particular component is not free --- it is covered under some licenses (I think the licenses are imposed on Caldera by their vendors). So plan on spending a couple hundred bucks.

However, it is possible. I've used this --- and I recommend Caldera for any Linux installation that's got to interoperate with any Netware systems!

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Published in Linux Gazette Issue 31 August 1998

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