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COMDEX/Spring '98 Photo Album

Linux Pavilion Banner

InfoMagic Booth: Dave Willmott

S.u.S.E. Booth: Michael, Bodo, Rolf and customer

S.u.S.E. Booth: Rolf and customer

Linux International: David Blondell, Jon "maddog" Hall

Linux Journal Booth: Emily Salus & customer

Red Hat Booth: Terri Feldman

Caldera Booth: Scott Countryman, Joel Goldberger

Caldera Booth: Customer and Nicholas Wells

S.u.S.E. Booth: James Gray and customer

Linux International Booth: Richard Hinton, Ben Galliart and David Blondell

Linux Journal Booth: Emily Salus

Copyright © 1998, Photographer, Carlie Fairchild
Published in Issue 28 of Linux Gazette May 1998