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Now that Linux Journal has taken over the Linux Gazette from John Fisk, I plan to post a new issue of the Gazette sometime during the first week of each month -- preferably on the first. Whether or not I can make this happens will depend on writers getting articles to me each month, AND on time constraints due to my other projects for Linux Journal and SSC.

I wish to keep the Gazette both helpful and fun as John has over the past year. And, of course, it will also remain free. Any ideas and suggestions, as well as criticisms that you might have, for improvements to the Gazette will be welcome. Most of all, I will welcome your contributions -- after all, without you Linux Gazette would disappear.

I'd also like to thank our webmaster, Michael Montoure, for his invaluable help in checking the HTML and designing neat graphics.

Not Linux

In the hopes that everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend, I thought I'd tell you about mine. I went camping in Northern Washington and Canada with my husband, Riley, our son, Keith, and Keith's dog Lucky. We had a grand time exploring the Okanagan Lake area of British Columbia. In driving to a campground on Pennask Lake, we traversed what must be one of the worst roads in Canada -- thank goodness for high clearance vehicles! Keith was ahead of us in his 4 wheel drive truck, and was really bouncing through the ditches and holes in the road. Our camper was bouncing and swaying enough to make me worry that it might cause us to tip over -- Riley assured me it would not. At any rate, after 30 minutes of hard driving, we reached the beautiful lake only to find the campground full of fishermen. So we headed back out that wonderful road, looking for side roads, and anyplace that we might camp. We found a place down a side road that had only two huge ditches across it, and set up camp. No bears showed up to spoil the fun, so we had a very good time playing in an isolated spot away from other campers. Canada is certainly a very beautiful country, and the British Columbians very friendly. This jaunt was not our first trip to Canada nor will it be the last.

If you would like some personal information about me, clicking on my name below will take you to my home page. It's not very jazzy at the moment, but I'm looking for the time to fix it up.

Marjorie L. Richardson
Editor, Linux Gazette

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