February 5 1998--Research Triangle Park, NC--InfoWorld Magazine threw its impressive weight behind the Linux community with its Product of the Year Issue when it named Red Hat Linux 5.0, the OS that acts as a UNIX workstation for the personal computer, the Network Operating System of the Year and gave the Linux user community the award for Best Technical Support.

"Find out what you've been missing while you've been rebooting windows NT," writes InfoWorld Magazine's Eric Hammond of Red Hat Linux 5.0. Proving that Linux has indeed come of age in the software industry, Hammond suggests that, "There isn't any reason why Linux can't be implemented as an enterprise computing solution...Red Hat recognized commercial organizations' need for reliable support, and so the company now provides several help options, including telephone support."

Hammond mentions "several help options," and an integral component of these "help options" is the Linux user community. Active, vocal, and technically-sophisticated, the Linux community displays the kind of pride that comes with ownership. And since the Linux OS is cooperatively developed over the internet by many of these users, the pride of ownership rings true.

Of the Linux user community and their pride of ownership, InfoWorld's Ed Foster states, "Linux users rave about the technical support they receive that goes far beyond the call of duty." And Foster addresses the use of Linux in the business environment by writing that corporations "found the support they received to be far more impressive than what they were used to with commercial software."

With Red Hat Linux 5.0 winning the Product of the Year and the Linux user community receiving accolades for best technical support, arguments grow stronger in favor of the Linux operating system not only as a viable alternative to other systems but rather as a preferable, technically superior OS.

As InfoWorld says, find out what you've been missing Check out,, and


Linux is the correctively developed POSIX-based, multi-user, multi-tasking operating system used worldwide in commercial, academic, and development organizations. Linux is used as a high value, fully-functional UNIX workstation for applications ranging from Internet Servers to reliable work group computing.


Founded in 1994, Red Hat Software, Inc. is based in Research Triangle Park, NC, where it builds and maintains the Red Hat Linux distribution of the Linux operating system for Intel, DEC Alpha(TM), and Sun SPARC platforms. Working in cooperation with a huge development team of research, academic, and commercial software developers over the Internet, Red Hat's goal is to build the most accessible and advanced Linux operating system. It's working: InfoWorld Magazine named Red Hat Linux 4.0 the 1996 Product of the Year and Red Hat Linux 5.0 the 1997 Product of the Year, and in 1997, Red Hat Linux 4.1 was an Environment/Desktop finalist in the Ziff-Davis European Excellence Awards. Red Hat Software also publishes and maintains commercial applications for Linux including OSF Motif, CDE, and the Applixware Office Suite.

RED HAT is a trademark of Red Hat Software, Inc. LINUX is a trademark of Linus Torvalds. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group. INTEL is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. SPARC is a registered trademark of SPARC International, Inc. Products bearing the SPARC trademarks are based on an architecture developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. ALPHA is a trademark of Digital Equipment Corporation. APPLIX and APPLIXWARE are registered trademarks of Applix, Inc.

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