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Jimmy O'Regan [joregan at gmail.com]

Tue, 29 Dec 2009 03:29:36 +0000

2009/12/26 Ben Okopnik <ben@linuxgazette.net>:

> On Sat, Dec 26, 2009 at 12:08:04PM +0000, Jimmy O'Regan wrote:
>> http://www.bobhobbs.com/files/kr_lovecraft.html
>> "Recursion may provide no salvation of storage, nor of human souls;
>> somewhere, a stack of the values being processed must be maintained.
>> But recursive code is more compact, perhaps more easily understood–
>> and more evil and hideous than the darkest nightmares the human brain
>> can endure. "
> [blink] Are you saying there's anything something wrong with ':(){ :|:&};:'?
> Or, for that matter, with 'a=a;while :;do a=$a$a;done'? Why, I use them all
> the time!
> ...Then, after rebooting the poor hosed machine, I talk about
> implementing user quotas and so on. Good illustrative tools for my
> security class, those. :)

Just started reading the new pTerry, and this mail and the following quote somehow resonated for me...

'I thought I wasn't paid to think, master.' 'Don't you try to be smart.' 'Can I try to be smart enough to get you down safely, master?'

But then, every Discworld book is full of such nuggets :) ...

More important right now was what kind of truth he was going to have to impart to his colleagues, and he decided not on the whole truth, but instead on nothing but the truth, which dispensed with the need for honesty.

''ow do I know I can trust you?' said the urchin. 'I don't know,' said Ridcully. 'The subtle workings of the brain are a mystery to me, too. But I'm glad that is your belief.'

<Leftmost> jimregan, that's because deep inside you, you are evil.
<Leftmost> Also not-so-deep inside you.


[ In reference to "The Village of Lan: A Networking Fairy Tale" in LG#170 ]

Rick Moen [rick at linuxmafia.com]

Mon, 4 Jan 2010 18:01:08 -0800

Forwarding with Peter's permission.

----- Forwarded message from Peter Hüwe <PeterHuewe@gmx.de> -----

From: Peter Hüwe <PeterHuewe@gmx.de>
To: rick@linuxmafia.com
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 02:09:58 +0100
Subject: Thanks for your DNS articles in LG
Hi Rick,

I just stumbled upon your DNS articles in Linux Gazette and although I first though this topic is not that interesting for me it turned out to be really really interesting!

I found out that the dns I used to use (dns from my university) was horribly slow and seemed not to use any caching mechanism - first request 200-300ms, second request 200-300ms :/

Then I checked out other dns servers like googles and opendns which were quite fast (1st ->130 2nd ->30ms).

But as I don't like using google for everything (no googlemail account here :) and I really dislike the "wrong" answer of opendns for nonexistent domains (as it breaks google search by typing into firefox url bar)

-> I eventually installed Unbound and I'm really really happy with it.

Installation was really easy and the results are tremendous (especially given the fact that I surf most of the time on only a handful pages) - so speedup from 300ms to 0(for the second hit) - that's really nice. :)

The only minor drawback I see is that (as I have to run it locally on my box - yes I'm one of your oddballs :) it looses its cache after reboot. - do you happen to know if there is something I could do against that?

Anyways - thank you for your great articles and improving my internet experience even further.

Kind regards, Peter

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