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August 2006 (#129):

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Current LinuxFocus articles:

  • Package Management Made Easy, by Sheng Bao
    Many people consider Linux as a tough OS, for its software package management is not that easy as in Windows. ... [ see above link for more ]

Gnome Journal

Current GNOME Journal articles:

  • The GNOME Community: End Users
    GNOME is not just software, but also a community. But what is a community? Vincent Untz takes a closer look, starting with end users in this issue.
  • Behind the Scenes: Emmanuele Bassi
    Lucas Rocha interviews Emmanuele Bassi, co-maintainer of gnome-utils and author of the GTK+ recently used resources support. Emmanuele talks about "desktop 2.0" and other GNOME things and shows his geek code to everyone.

Members of the LG Staff who provided additional services in this issue: