The Spider

The Shadow! Doc Savage! The Avenger! The Phantom Detective! All were spawned from the flame and fury of World War corruption, and society's hunger for lightning justice and relentless vindication. Yet one alone towered above the others in bringing blazing retaliation to murderous cults and criminal masterminds. He is pulp fiction's most sensational judge, jury, and executioner!! He is THE SPIDER--Master of Men!

An Introduction
If you've never read one of The Spider's pulse-pounding pulp-magazine adventures then start here to get in the proper frame of mind!

Read the Robot Titans of Gotham
Read the new Baen Books release of The Spider: Robot Titans of Gotham coming in June 2007

Cast of Characters
Richard Wentworth, Nita Van Sloan, and their major comrades-in-arms through 118 thrill-brimmed novels!

The Creators
These are the Pulp Masters that wrote, illustrated and published The Spider magazine from 1933-1943.

A Brief History of The Spider
From the birth of Popular Publications and the rise of Hero Pulps, to The Spider's amazing ten-year run, then to the reprints of the Sixties, and the comics of today!

Pulp Story Guide
Browse through all 118 adventures of The Master of Men! A complete chronological account of every issue of The Spider with cover, writer and plot info.

Cover Gallery
All 118 covers of The Spider on one page. Includes work by two giants of Pulp Art—John Newton Howitt and Rafael DeSoto.

What are Pulps?
Pulps are fiction magazines printed on cheap pulp paper that were published during the first half of the Twentieth Century. More importantly, they dominated popular culture between World War I and II.

Spider Premiums
Most characters in the '30s and '40s had a club of some kind or offered items that allowed the fans to feel some kind of affiliation with their idols—like the Spider League of Crime Prevention!

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Art by Jim Steranko
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