May 30, 2009
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About Me


As you should have guessed by the title, in this section I am going to tell you a bit about myself Stuff I like, stuff I don't like etc. I will talk about my hobbies, my work, my friends etc.

This section is dedicated to all my friends, teachers, co-workers and family who have made me what I am today. Without all your support I wouldn't be here, doing what I am.


A Brief History of my life

My Name is Suramya Tomar. I was born on 3rd Dec 1980 in a small Air Force hospital in Hashimara, located in West Bengal India. I then spent the next 18 years of my life all over India during which I had the pleasure of attending 7 schools to complete 12 years of schooling. I started my education in Jodhpur, Rajasthan at Happy Hours.

After Rajasthan my father was posted to Dalhausi where I did my 1st grade at Dalhausi Public School. Soon we were posted to Delhi where I joined Air Force Bal Bharati School in the 2nd grade. After a year at Delhi my father was posted to Wellington, Tamil Nadu to Staff College where officers from all over the world come for studies. Here I studied in Holy Innocent High School.

An year later we were back in Delhi and this time I joined Air Force Golden Jubliee Institute where I studied for four years from 4th grade to 8th grade. In school I was a really quite person who was known for his excessive reading habit (I always had a book or two in my bag for reading). I was in the house Kho-Kho(An Indian game) team from 2 years.

In 1994 my father was posted to Allahabad where I joined Boys High School. I studied there for two great years. I was part of the class Soccer team and was a member of the house debate team. During these years I developed my craze for computers helped along by my Teacher and friends.

In late 1996 I moved back to Delhi and joined Air Force Bal Bharati School, Lodhi Road once again in the computer stream(XI - C) During these years I made really great friends and really got 'addicted' to computers. I was part of the school computer club for two years. I was also part a programming team and a software development team which represented our school in Modem 97 & Modem 98 computer contests organized by Microsoft, India where schools all over India competed. These were some of the best years of my life and I really enjoyed myself.

I graduated from AFBBS in March 1998 after which I decided to come to the United States for further education. I gave my SAT's and TOEFL in 1998 and joined New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Newark NJ in Fall 1999. The life at college has been a lot of fun, I made a lot of new friends, went to a lot of trips and basically enjoyed myself.

Since then I have been working in various companies in various capacities that include Programmer, Database Admin, Network Administrator, System Administrator, Senior Programmer. Currently working as a Project Manager at Sourcefuse (India) Pvt Ltd.

My Family

My Father: Wg Cdr SS Tomar (Retd) was an Officer in the Indian Air Force. He took voluntary retirement in 2001 from the Air Force and started his own chemical factory by the name of Germane Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.. A few years later he sold the majority shares of the company. Currently he is a Director in CopperSpiral RFID.

My Mother: Raji Singh is a free-lance journalist who writes articles for most major Hindi magazines and newpapers. She a member of BJP and is part of their national Media CELL. In addition she is a founding member of Man and Nature Research Society, a Delhi based NGO.

My Sister: Surabhi Tomar is an enterpunuer who has been running her own company since she was in college. Her current venture is CopperSpiral RFID which she started with her husband Vinit Bhansali.

My Hobbies

I have a couple of hobbies which I pursue with dedication. Here is a brief list of my hobbies. If you happen to share any of my interests feel free to drop me a note and we can exchange tips/idea's etc.


I love reading and will read anything and everything. I started reading books at a very early age, I read my first novel(Jungle Adventures) when I was in the 4th Grade. Since then I have read literally 1000's of books. Just to give you an idea of the number of books I read, in 2008 I read 304 books excluding the books I had to read for work.

My favorite topics are Science Fiction and Fantasy but I also like reading Adventure, Mystery books and thrillers. My Favorite authors include Author C Clark, Asimov, David Drake, David Webber, Elizabeth Moon, Michael Crichton, Mercedes Lackey, Robin Cook along with many others.

I have read so many books that its hard to have a small list of favorite books, still some of my all time favorite books include: Battlefield Earth, Timeline, Jurassic Park and The Lost World by Michael Crichton, Sphere, the Rama series by Author C Clark, the Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Available for free at Project Gutenberg), The Herald's of Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey, Belisarius Series by Eric Flint and David Drake (Some parts available for free at Baen Library), Honor Harrington Series by David Weber etc.

To help me keep track of my books I have created a database of my book collection using PHP and MySQL and placed it online. It contains a list of all the books I have with me at NJIT with author names, date purchased, comments etc. You can check it out here. However this hasn't been updated in over 4-5 years atleast. So now I have even more books.


I love music and find listening to it a great way to relax. Love listening to songs by Shania Twain, Crystal Waters, Kylie Minogue, Tamperer, 20 fingers, Kishore Kumar, In-Grid, Madonna, The Donna's, Sugababes, Girls Aloud, Lady Gaga and many more...


I love working on computers. I got addicted to them in highschool when I had to create a program in Basic for a class. Soon I started playing around in DOS and then never looked back. I love working on anything related to computers but am especially interested in programming and know Basic, C++, HTML, Javascripting, MySQL, PHP, Perl, VB, VC++, and Java. I like making websites, designing custom software, surfing the net and anything else which has to do with computers. Some of my projects are available for free downloads in the Scripts Section of this site. Check it out.


I like playing a few games too on my computer for relaxation. I have spent many hours playing Warcraft II, Descent I & II, Diablo and Terminal Velocity. In the real world I like playing Soccer and Vollyball.


This is my latest hobby which I started in Spring 2000 by starting to write technical articles in The Vector NJIT's student newspaper. Since then I have written articles for Linux Gazette, Linux Journal, written tutorials and install guides for various linux programs and have even had my articles plagarized. :)


I love taking photographs and making video recordings. Some are my photographs are available for viewing in my Photogallery.

My Friends

"In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends."
- John Churton Collins

"Think where man's glory most begins and ends And say my glory was I had such friends."
- Yeats

I have made my collection of dear friends who inspite of my sometimes crazy behavior stood by me and supported me. This section is dedicated to all the friends I have and all those I will make.

If your name is not in this list I humbly remind you of my forgetful and Lazy nature and ask you to send me a reminder and I promise I will rectify the error as soon as possible.

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