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I am sure that most of you have faced the problem of trying to find a much needed resource on the web and then being deeply disappointed. in this section i have compiled a set of links to various resources on the net which i found to be useful. if you have a link you think should be included in this section then feel free to Contact Me and ask me to put it in.

Friend's Websites/Blogs

This section has links to personal websites and Blogs/Journals created and maintained by my friends.

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
Indiagenie Read Aditya Chaturvedi's Blog
Jolanta's Website Jolanta Soltis's Website
ask-Kanwal Read this blog to learn how to eat healthy and loose weight
Kevin Walsh's website Kevin Walsh's website
Matt Hoskin's Blog Read Matt Hoskin's Blog
Rob Arm's Website Rob Arm's Website
Ronak and Jeelna's Wedding Site contains wedding photos taken at Ronak Patel and Jeelna's Wedding
Shipra Gupta's Blog Read Shipra Gupta's Blog
LogicalReligion Read Surabhi Tomar's Blog
Surabhi Tomar's Website Surabhi Tomar's Website Read Vinit Bhansali's Blog Vinit Bhansali's Website

My Websites

This section contains links to website which i have designed/helped design.

Site Name/Links Comments/Description Ajeet Deshwal's Website. Find Free wireless access points by showing all free wireless nodes on a Map of a given area.
Helpdesk Online Service Request Allows NJIT students to submit a request for problem resolution online
Man And Nature Research Society Website for Man And Nature Research Society. A NGO based in New Delhi, India Website of Maya: The Health Village. A perfect sanctuary to introspect on life.

I have designed and created a couple of other sites but they have been modified since then so I have not listed them in the table above. For historical record I am listing them here in alphabetical order:

Books Related

As you know I read a lot. This section contains links to author's sites, review sites and ebook sites where you can download ebooks for free (legally).

Author Sites

When I started making this list I didn't realize how long it would get. These are some of the author's whose books I like and have copies of. There are lots more whom I am not listing here, not because I don't like them but due to space considerations.

Author Name/Links Comments/Description
Andy McDermott Andy McDermott is the international bestselling author of the Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase series of adventure thrillers
Anne Logston Anne Logston is a fantasy writer. Her series that I like the most is about Shadow, a light-hearted (and light-fingered) elvan thief.
Anne McCaffrey Anne McCaffrey's website. She is a very prolific author who has written some amazing book. Check out her Pern books if you haven't read any of her books yet.
Arthur C Clarke An author, inventor, and futurist. He was most famous for the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey and Rendezvous with Rama.
Ashok Banker Ashok Banker is the author of the best selling Ramayana in a modern retelling of the Indian epic
Candace Havens Writes paranormal series featuring the Caruthers sisters, party girls who save the world-between cocktails. Also has another series staring witches.
Carrie Vaughn The bestselling author of a series of novels about a werewolf named Kitty.
Charlaine Harris Author of the Sookie Stackhouse series which is the inspiration for the TV Series "True Blood"
Charles Stross Charles Stross's works range from science fiction and Lovecraftian horror to fantasy. I love his Merchant Princes series about dimension hopping traders
Cindy Miles Writes paranormal stories about ghosts searching for redemption and release from ancient curses.
David Drake An author of science fiction and fantasy literature. His novels draw heavily on his extensive knowledge of history, literature, and mythology. Another one of my all time favorite author.
David Sherman David Sherman deals overwhelmingly with military themes at the small-unit tactical level.
David Weber David Weber is probably the science fiction phenomenon of the decade (Plus one of my favourite authors). He mainly writes military science fiction, but has written some amazing fantasy books too.
Doranna Durgin A fantasy writer whose works feature strong suspense elements, and very distinctive and rich descriptions of animals and their behavior.
Elizabeth Moon A Science Fiction and Fantasy author whose writings mainly contain military science fiction themes, though biology, politics and personal relationship issues also feature strongly.
Eric Flint Eric Flint is an American author, editor, and e-publisher. The majority of his main works are alternate history science fiction and humorous fantasy.
Heather Graham A writer whose works range from historical fiction to category, from romantic suspense to time travel, and from vampire fiction to Christmas stories. Has written some really amazing ghost stories (Harrison Investigation Series)
Holly Lisle A writer of fantasy, science fiction, paranormal romance and romantic suspense novels. I especially like her Secret Texts Series and World Gates Series.
Jeaniene Frost Her most popular series is The Night Huntress series which is an urban fantasy romance featuring half-vampire heroine Cat Crawfield.
Jim Butcher His Dresden Files are set in a "alternate" Chicago where magic is real and so are vampires and wizards. Codex Alera is Jim's fantasy series.
Jim C Hines If you think it's hard being a hobgoblin or a human, try living a goblin's life for a while. In fact, try imagining what it's like to be the runtiest goblin in the caves, the lone worshiper of a god who's been forgotten for thousands of years, and the target everyone points to at the first hint of trouble and you have an idea of what the Goblin Series is about.
John Ringo John Ringo's books range from straightforward science fiction to a mix of military and political thrillers.
Julie Kenner Author of books about Demon Hunting Soccor mom's, Greek Gods, and Gouls.
Karen Chance Karen Chance will enthrall you with her world of vampires, mages, and a fair maiden tough enough to kick their butts
Kelley Armstrong Kelley Armstrong is a fantasy author whose books are mostly set in the world of Women of the Otherworld series where supernatural characters including witches, sorcerers, werewolves etc galore...
Kelly McCullough A fantasy-cyberpunk hybrid that revolves around Ravirn, a grandson of the Greek Fate Lachesis. Think computer programers that can 'code' spells.
Kim Harrison Author of an alternate history where most of the human population is dead and witches, werewolves, vampires, and more, have revealed their existence to the world.
Kristen Britain Fantasy writer of the Green Rider Series
Laura Anne Gilman Writer of fantasy series based on 'Retriever' Wren Valere who specializes in finding things gone missing and then bringing them back.
Maria V Snyder Maria V. Snyder is the author of the Study Series of fantasy novels.
Marie Brennan Author of the Doppelganger Series where witches are real.
Mary Janice Davidson MaryJanice best-selling author who primarily publishes paranormal romance but also young adult and non-fiction.
Meg Cabot Meg has written many types of novels, including historical romances, contemporary chick lit, and young adult series with themes of mystery and paranormal suspense.
Mercedes Lackey She is one of my favorite authors and writes Fantasy novels. Her Valdemar series is probably her most famous work.
Michael Crichton Michael Crichton was a writer and filmmaker, best known as the author of Jurassic Park and the creator of ER. Also one of my all time favorite authors.
Michelle Rowen Droll wit and wacky humor meet vampire mythology in Immortality Bites Series
Mike Shepherd Mike Shepherd is a national best selling author of the Kris Longknife saga, which is a military SF series.
Mindy Klasky Author of the Girl's Guide To Witchcraft series.
Naomi Novik's Website Naomi Novik is the author of the Temeraire series, a historical fantasy series set in the Napoleonic era. Dragon's! It has Dragons! What more do you need?
Patricia Briggs A fantasy author known for her lifelike characters and humorous dialogue.
Patricia Wrede A fantasy writer with multiple books spanning four series including The Enchanted Forest Chronicles that I have talked about in my blog.
Rachel Caine Rachel Caine is the author of over thirty novels, including bestselling Morganville Vampires and the Weather Warden series
Rick Riordan He is the author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. He also wrote the Tres Navarre mystery series for adults
Robert Weinberg Virtual home of Bob Weinberg, author, editor and collector.
Scott Westerfeld Author of five science fiction novels for adults and another couple of series for young adults
Shanna Swendson She writes fairy Tales for Modern Times
S.M Stirling Stirling is probably best-known for his Draka series of alternate history novels and the more recent time travel/alternate history Nantucket series and Emberverse series.
Steven L. Kent Steven L. Kent is an American writer, known for his military science fiction novels and video game journalism.
Suzanne Collins “Gladiator” meets “Project Runway” in Suzanne Collins's gripping dystopian novels
Suzanne McLeod Suzanne McLeod writes books about dangerous faeries, seductive vampires, bureaucratic witches, eccentric goblins, rock-solid trolls, magic, mayhem and murder
Tamora Pierce Tamora Pierce is an author of fantasy literature for young adults.
Tanya Huff Tanya Huff is an author with five fantasy series and one science-fiction series to her credit. The television series Blood Ties was based on Huff's Vicki Nelson novels
Toni Andrews Toni Andrews, author of the Mercy Hollings series of urban fantasy books
Tracy Falbe Tracy Falbe made her debut with the epic fantasy 'The Rys Chronicles'. Her's was one of the first ebooks I bought online from sites other than
Victoria Laurie Victoria Laurie is a bestselling author of both Adult Mystery and Children's Middle-grade Fantasy Adventure.
Wendy Roberts Wendy writes the Ghost Dusters mystery series for Penguin Books
Wen Spencer Wen Spencer is a Science fiction and fantasy writer whose books center around characters with unusual abilities.
William Mark Simmons William Mark Simmons is best known for his humorous fantasy and horror novels.
Yasmine Galenorn Yasmine Galenorn writes urban fantasy/paranormal fiction. She is best known for her Otherworld Series featuring the D'Artigo Sisters. She has also written two mystery series and eight books on modern paganism.

Download ebooks (Legally)

This section contains links to websites where you can download loads of free books legally.

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
BaenFree Library Download various e-books written by famous authors(David Drake, David Weber, Mercedes Lackey and more) for free from this site.
Baen CD's on The Fifth Imperium Baen Publishing has been giving out CD's freely with certain hardcover books they publish. These CD's contain free electronic copies of their books and have been provided to promote the sale of the books contained within. Baen allows these CDs to be distributed to generate sales for those same books. Great collection of classics converted to the electronic format. Has the largest collection of books on the net
Memoware The pda document repository. Biggest collection of books on the net for Palm Tops.
Online Novels Online Novels contains the titles of more than 500 online books written by both published and unpublished authors who have made their work freely available on the internet.
Suvudu Free Book Library Del Rey & Random house Publishers allow you to download and read the first book in some of their most acclaimed series absolutely free over here

Online (e)Book Stores

The stores listed below allow your to purchase books online at a resonable cost. Most sell ebooks though a couple of them also sell dead tree copies. BTW, I am not listing Amazon, B&N etc because they are common knowledge.

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
Books On Board Is the largest independent ebookstore. Allows you to download ebooks in many formats at a resonable price.
Fictionwise A Barnes and Nobel company. Has good prices on ebooks.
Flipkart My new favorite store. Allows people in India to order books not retailing in India at a decent price with free home delivery
Webscription (Baen's Ebook Store) Webscriptions is a web services company that has sold e-books without DRM since 1999. It is closely associated with Baen's Baen Books. Purchasers can download the same e-book in five different formats here.


These sites contain information about books like plot information, author biographies etc.

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
SF Site Includes numerous book reviews, news, links to related resources, and also hosts the websites of various science fiction and fantasy e-zines.
Literature Map A literature map is a visual web. It connects your favorite author to other authors with similar writing styles and content
Fantastic Fiction Contains Bibliographies for over 25,000 authors and Information on over 300,000 books. One of the most useful sites to figure out what a book is about


Site Name/Links Comments/Description
Ctrl+Alt+Del Ctrl+Alt+Del (CAD) is a gaming-related webcomic. Contains a lot of Gaming/nerd Humor
Doomed to Obscurity A webcomic that gives the geek culture just what it deserves! ! Its primary focus is the world of technology geeks but some social and political satire creeps in around the edges too.
Faceless A hilarious site with an original twist of humor. Contains jokes that might not be suitable for all ages.
General Protection Fault General Protection Fault (GPF) is filled with intelligent humor, realistic characters, and sentient slime molds.
Herd Thinners Incorporated This is a cartoon strip for everyone today dealing with family, work, and the internet. it's a world of sentient animals, living like us where people balance family life, technology, career pressure, teenage dating, and the need to kill something and eat it.
Misfile An angel accidentally changes a boy into a girl, misplaces two years of someone else's life, and then must help them cope.
Questionable Content Questionable Content is an online comic strip that is ostensibly about romance, indie rock, little robots, and the problems people have. Contains some mature themes and 'Questionable Content' (well... duh.). Might not be suitable for all readers.
SinFest A hilarious calvin parody with an original twist of humor and satire of everyday life. (some mature themes used. might not be suitable for all readers.)
Sluggy Freelance Daily online comic about aliens, demons, dating, and bunnies with switchblades
UserFriendly Comic strip about the internet and hi-tech business in general. Has mainly techie humor.
XKCD A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. This comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors).

Humor Sites

Sites to cheer you up on an otherwise dull day. Go ahead have a laugh.

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
EatLiver is an incredibly awesome source of funny, unusual and bizarre pictures.
Evil Milk evilmilk Funny Pictures brings you the funniest pics on the internets, it is updated every couple of hours so check back often.
Found Shit Found Shit is a compilation of pictures and videos found on the internet. Some funny. Others bizarre, amazing or simply interesting.
I Can Has Motivation Daily (de)Motivational pictures.
I waste Too Much Time At Work Collection of Funny pictures and videos.
Motivational Pictures Motivational Pictures are fast becoming the most popular type of funny pictures on the web. We scour the internet every day for the best funny De Motivators and post them here for you.
My[confined]Space If you're looking to have a fun time surfing through the entries of a bizarre minded bloger is for you. Has a lot of amazing, funny or just plain bizzare photos
Sad and Useless The most depressive humor site on the web
The Daily What? Stuff/Links/Images that will make you say 'What The?' served daily for your viewing pleasure.
Yeah Oops Yeah Oops! - The Center of Funny Stuff. We have tons of funny pictures and videos. Besides, there are hundreds of interesting online flash games.

Linux Related Sites

Linux is a free Unix-type operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds with the assistance of developers around the world. This section contains links related to Linux.

Linux Distributions

A Linux distribution is built on top of the Linux kernel. Such distributions consist of a large collection of software applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, media players and database applications. The operating system consists of the Linux kernel and, a set of libraries and utilities from the GNU project, with graphics support from the X Window System.

Most distro's have specialized target audiences and this changes the experience the end user gets. Some are customized for new users while others target experts. There are currently over six hundred Linux distributions available and out of those over three hundred are in active development.

Below is a list of the most popular (and in my opinion the best) distro's available out there.

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
Debian Debian official releases are geared more toward stability than cutting-edge features. It's not as easy to install as most distros, but the package manager makes it easy to maintain once installed.
Fedora Project Fedora is a Linux-based operating system that showcases the latest in free and open source software. Its a spin-off from Redhat Linux and is maintained by the community
Gentoo Gentoo linux uses an enhanced bsd ports-style package system. It is pretty hard to install for new users.
Knoppix This linux distribution runs entirely from a bootable CD. Data on the CD is uncompressed on the fly, allowing them to fit 2 gb worth of system and programs on one CD, including a complete x server, KDE and Gnome, and large packages like Openoffice and The Gimp.
Kanotix Kanotix is a rock-solid Linux based on Debian, which contains the newest packages and recognizes more modern hardware than any other operating system in use today.
Linux From Scratch (LFS) Linux From Scratch (LFS) is a project that provides you with the steps necessary to build your own custom linux system. Building a LFS system teaches you about all that makes linux tick, how things work together, and depend on each other, and most importantly, how to customize it to your own taste and needs.
Mandriva Mandriva is a friendly and popular linux operating system which specializes in ease-of-use for both servers and the home/office.
Redhat Linux Red Hat linux is probably the best-known linux distribution. it is well-supported commercially, and tends to be easy to install and have good hardware support out of the box.
Slackware Since its first release in april of 1993, the slackware linux project has aimed at producing the most "unix-like" linux distribution out there.
SUSE SUSE is a popular distribution based out of germany. The latest version isn't usually available as an iso download, but they do offer a "live evaluation" version that runs completely off a cd.
Ubuntu Ubuntu is a community developed, linux-based operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers. You can request Ubuntu to ship a copy of Ubuntu Linux for free to any address in the world.

Linux/Linux Software Documentation Sites

Linux information and technical support is available from a wide variety of locations. There are the "official" routes such as the Linux Software Map, Linux Documentation Project, HOWTOs, and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). There are dozens of published reference materials, from books and print journals to electronic "ezines" available by email and/or various web sites.

Below are sites that I use most often and have found useful

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
Debian Help Wiki Help and How-To Guides on Debian published in wiki format.
Debian Help This website is aimed at providing simple and easy help, tips and tricks and valuable support articles to Debian user community ranging from beginners to Experts.
Justlinux Newbie Help Files These help files are written by linux users who once upon a time may have struggled with some aspect of linux, and now want to make it easier for people in the future. Also has a great forum where you can ask all the embrassing questions about linux without the embrassment.
Linux Newbie Administration Guide A complete reference for new linux users who wish to set up and administer their own linux home computer, workstation and/or their home or small office network.
Linux Documentation From Linux Documentation From Document repository Howto guides from the Linux Documentation Project and the community
PartImage Handbook Partition Image is a Linux/UNIX partition imaging utility that saves partitions to an image file. Only used blocks are copied. The image file can be compressed in the GZIP/BZIP2 formats to save disk space.
RUTE User's Tutorial This book covers gnu/linux system administration, for popular distributions like redhat and debian, As a tutorial for new users and a reference for advanced administrators.
The Linux Documentation Project The is a loosely knit team of volunteers who provide documenation for many aspects of linux.

Linux Hardware and Software related sites

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
Equivalent Software in Linux The table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux.
Freshmeat Freshmeat maintains the web's largest index of unix and cross-platform software, themes and related "eye-candy", and palm os software. It is the first stop for linux users hunting for the software they need.
Frank's Corner This website contains all the information you need to get some popular Windows applications and games running on Linux using Wine.
Linux Compatibility List Exaustive list of software and hardware that is compatible with linux.
Linux Hardware A good site which benchmarks hardware for use in linux
Linux Software Equivalent to Windows Software Contains a list of programs that could be considered roughly equivalent to certain popular Windows applications.
Linux Software Encyclopedia Huge encyclopedia of linux software
Open Source Alternatives This site gives a list of open source alternatives that are available given a particular comercial software.

Linux Security Related Sites

Securing any computer and Operating system is an ongoing task and these sites have the latest software, news and advisories to help secure your Linux computer

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
Firestarter Firestarter is a really easy to setup firewall with a GUI interface that gives you a real time view of your network status and the ability of managing the firewall in real time.
Linux Security Has the latest security news, advisories and reports relevant to the Linux community.

Other Cool Linux Sites

These are other great sites related to linux that I couldn't fit into any of the categories above.

Site Name/Links Comments/Description Linux homepage at linux online.
Linux Gazette Linux gazette is an on-line www publication dedicated to two simple ideas:

* Making linux just a little more fun.
* Sharing ideas and discoveries.
Linux Journal The Original magazine of the Linux community
Linux Kernel Archives THE authoritative source for the latest version of the linux kernel.
Linux Today Get the latest News related to Open Source software and community
Linux World Linuxworld is a publication of IDG which delivers hands-on technical information, real-world cases of linux in the enterprise, features, product reviews, market overviews, and knowledgeable guidance for making purchasing decisions.
nixCraft nixCraft: Linux Tips, Hacks, Tutorials, And Ideas In Blog Format
Shell-fu Shell-fu is a place for all those little command line goodies that you come across and then can never find again when you need them
The Linux and Unix Menagerie The Linux and Unix Menagerie: Dedicated to keeping Linux, Unix and scripting Languages Alive!
The Linux Counter Register your linux machine with this website and get counted.

Misc Site Links

These are sites that I couldn't classify into any other category currently in use in this section.

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
American's guide to speaking British This hilariously funny website showcases the differences between english spoken in the US and UK. A must read of anyone visiting the US/UK.
DivX SubTitles DivX SubTitles - Best place on the net for Movie subtitles
Doom9 The definitive DVD backup resource. Contains tons of tutorials on how to backup and archive DVD movies
Ehow Learn how to do thing using this free online tutorial site.
klOOFy's subs Download subtitle files for Asian movies.
Internet Movie Database (IMDB) The worlds bigest and most upto date movie database.
IRC Search Engine IRC Search Engine for Chat Rooms
OnTarget A comprehensive guide to Target Novelizations of Dr Who
Slickdeals The most frequently updated and complete deal site on the web!
Videohelp Contains guides describing how to edit, cut, join, repair/fix video, subtitling, frameserving along with advanced editing of video files
Ultimate BootCD Assembles over 100 PC hardware diagnosis tools into one bootable CD to analyze and repair hard drives and boot problems.

News Sites

This section has links to news websites which I trust and found to be reliable.

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
BBC Online Home of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) on the internet.
Betanews BetaNews provides the latest Technology and IT News as well as software downloads and reviews.
CNet Tech News CNet Tech News section.
Computer World Computerworld is the largest it media network in the world and has an unwavering focus on the information needs of IT leaders.
Engadget Engadget is a web magazine with obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics.
Hack In The Box Hack In The Box is designed to facilitate discussions on security related topics, create security awareness, and to try and provide a comprehensive database of security knowledge and resources to the public.
PC World PC World is the world's largest computer magazine and is targeted to meet the informational needs of tech-savvy, both at work and at home.
Reuters Get up to date and unbiased news from this great website.
Techrepublic Techrepublic news site. News by IT professionals for IT professionals
The Register A great news site which in its own words "Bites the hand which feeds IT"
Wired A very good website with tons of technology related stories.

Online Stores

This section contains links to online stores I have shopped from and found to be good.

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
Ebay Buy expensive stuff for cheap prices at this great auction site and save loads of money
E-cost Visit to buy stuff for the cheapest prices possible
Fry' A cool site with a huge selection of items at very low prices.
Staples A good store with lots of stuff at cheap prices.
Radioshack Visit radioshack to buy electronic items at cheap prices

Programming Related

I am a programmer and as all programmers I refer to a lot of sites/manuals when coding. This section contains links to sites that I refer to when coding. For the manuals you will have to check your local library and/or bookstore as posting them here will get me in trouble.

General Programming Links

These are general links to sites on programming and don't focus on any one programming language over others

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
Examination of the DataGrid Web Control This article is part of a series on using the DataGrid Web control. The ASP Datagrid control is very flexible and versitile and this article covers the basics of DataGrids.
Dev Articles Links to lots of tutorials and articles are available on this site
Visio Diagramming Guide Collection of links on how to use MS Visio more efficiently

HTML Related

HTML is the language most of the web pages on the internet are designed in. Knowing how to code basic HTML is a good requirement for anyone working on webbased technologies.

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
Basic Html Tutorial If you know nothing about HTML, this is where you start
Basics On Frames Learn how to add frames to your site
Color Table List of color codes which can be used instead of hex codes
Html 4.01 reference Html reference from w3schools (w3c)
Html Code Tutorial Welcome to the HTML Code Tutorial. Our goal is to provide the most helpful and complete guide to creating web pages anywhere.
w3School HTML Tutorial This w3c tutorial teaches you everything about HTML.

JAVA Related

Java applications are mostly compiled to bytecode (class file) that can run on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM) regardless of computer architecture. Making it very popular with programers who want to distribute their applications for use in various operating systems without having to recode the application for each OS

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
Brewing Java: A Tutorial The precursor to a book called The Java Developer's Resource. Contains lots of examples and exercises from the book
Java Coffee Break A free guide to java programming. Contains a lot of links to tutorials and courses.
JDBC Tutorial Good Tutorial site that teaches JDBC programming using ODBC connectivity with lots of sample source code.
TechOnVideo Tutorials on Java Learn Java concepts by watching these short video tutorials on key concepts.
Thinking in Java This is a great book (a real book, it is available in stores) by Bruce Eckel. You can download it as a pdf file.

LISP Related

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
Introduction To Lisp Get a basic introduction to lisp and links to lots of good tutorials at this website Learn more about Lisp from the website of the Association Of Lisp Users
Download Clisp Download Clisp for free from this site.

Perl Related

Perl is a programming language nicknamed "the Swiss Army chainsaw of programming languages" due to its flexibility and adaptability. This section contains links to sites about Perl

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
Mother of Perl Mother of Perl: a free how-to devoted to all things Perl.
MySQL from Perl Learn how to access your MySQL Database with Perl
Perl 5 Reference Guide Read the htmlified version of the Perl 5 desktop reference at this site
Perl Core Documentation This site contains the core documentation for the Perl language.
Perl Monks PerlMonks is:
* An attempt to make learning Perl as non-intimidating and easy to use as possible.
* A place for individuals to polish, improve, and showcase their Perl skills.
* A community which allows everyone to grow and learn from each other.
Perl Programming Perl programming & tutorials from
Perl Section Get Perl help, Perl Code and Perl tutorials here.
Perl Thread Tutorial perlthrtut - tutorial on threads in Perl
Programming Perl O'Reilly's Programming Perl by Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, and Jon Orwant

PHP Related

PHP is a widely used, general-purpose scripting language that was originally designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. This section contains links to sites about PHP

Site Name/Links Comments/Description
Basic Introduction to PHP Basic introduction to PHP for newbies
PHP Manual Read through the PHP manual to get an idea of what the language is capable of. Each section contains working examples that can be modified for use in live situations
PHP Resources Lots of PHP resources, categorized and searchable
PHP Scripts Download excellent PHP Scripts for free at this site
PHP Tutorials from w3Schools In our PHP tutorial you will learn about PHP, and how to execute scripts on your server. Excellent resource for PHP. Get scripts,tutorials applications etc here.

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