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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my (Suramya Tomar's) the personal website. Through this site I would like to tell you something about myself, my hobbies and interests which include varied items like Linux, Photography, technology etc. You can use the links on the top or on the sidebar to explore the site and I encourage you to do so. A brief Description of each of the sections is below:

  • Home: This Page
  • About Me: Information about me, my hobbies, Family and friends
  • About India: Focuses on Information about India. As an Indian it is my duty to explore and share the majesty of the country with everyone and this is my attempt to do so.
  • Books: Talkes about various books that I have read, book reviews etc etc.
  • Misc Section: Random stuff that doesn't fit into other categories. Contains jokes, wallpapers I created etc
  • Mirror: Section contains links to various website/data mirrors I maintain. Mirror Hosting creates identical replicas of a website or content to share the load (precursor to CDN's kind of)
  • My Blog: My Blog, where I post about Life, projects I am working on, How-to's, random thoughts etc
  • Photogallery: A selection of photos taken over 4 decades of life.
  • Tech Section: This section contains all the technology related area's of the site and since I am a massive techie makes this the largest section also.
  • Contact Me: Information on how to contact me.

If you would like to suggest any additions or have any other comments please feel free to Contact me .

- Suramya (April 2022)

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