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April 4, 2010

What to do if your printer suddenly stops working on Linux

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Its happened to me twice so far that when I try to print to my HP Deskjet F380 the job just sits in the print queue and is apparently on hold. Canceling the job and printing again doesn’t fix the problem and when I hook up the printer to another system it works fine.

The problem is that the printer has been ‘disabled’ for some reason on the system. I think that this happens when you are printing something and you switch off the printer in the middle but haven’t confirmed that yet.

To fix it you need to ‘Enable’ the printer. There are two ways you can do this:

Using the Printer Configuration GUI

1. Run the ‘system-config-printer’ GUI via Start -> system -> Printing or from the command prompt.
2. Right click on the printer
3. Click on ‘Enable’ in the drop down menu.

That’s it. Now the queued print jobs should start processing again.

The other method is using the CUPS Web interface

1. Login to the CUPS interface at: http://localhost:631/
2. Click on the ‘Printers’ tab
3. Click on the Printer that is having issues from the list on the page
4. Click on the ‘Maintainence’ Drop box
5. Select ‘Resume Printer’

You should get a message like: “Printer Deskjet_F300_series has been resumed. and you are done.

Hope this helps someone.

– Suramya

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