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September 12, 2005

Setting up a SOCKS Proxy using SSH

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This article explains how we can setup a SOCKs proxy via SSH which lets you surf the internet securely from unsecure locations.


Open PuTTY (see the list of requirements above for a URL). You should be greeted with a configuration screen. First, you will enter the hostname or IP address of the SSH server. Type in a name for your connection settings in the box below “Saved Sessions”, and click the Save button.

Now you need to look at the tree of options to the left; expand the SSH tree, and select “Tunnels”. Enter 4567 (or any port number above 1024) in the Source Port area, and click the Dynamic radio button to select it. Leave the Destination field blank, and click “Add”.

Now go back to the Session tree (very top of the left section), and save again.

You will be prompted to enter a username, which is the username of your shell account. Type that in, hit enter, and then type in your password when it prompts you.

Original Article:
Security Engine: Secure surfing SSH

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